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Age is one thing that can not be separated from life. Over time, the physical can be changed and can describe how we age range. Women in general are very sensitive when asked about it.

But do not rush to lose confidence in your age now, suppose it is part of a move towards a more mature manhood. But behind it all, what woman does not want to always look young all the time? Of course, all women want to always look beautiful and young is not it ?, For a loan, you can get overnight cash loans.

There are many ways that you can do to always look fresh and looks much younger in age you are now. One of them is the attention to style look to make it look younger.

Here are 10 tricks fashion special for you who want to always look young and fresh in a fairly mature age.

# 1. Reduce the use of dark colors

Dark colors like black, brown or navy should be reduced because it is identical describe overripe age alias make you look older. Although the color is elegant, you should only use dark colors when certain needs or events that require you to use a dark colored clothes.

So do not look old, do not make dark colors as colors used in everyday life wherever you go. Minimize the use of dark colors can avoid the impression of an old and antiquated in your fashion style.

# 2. Choose a bright color

If the use of dark colors should be reduced, the use of bright colors is highly recommended. Bright colors can show the joy of the inner person. That is why the bright color could be a color that represents young people who eagerly.

It is not without reason that as we get older, women still need a youthful spirit in the move.

In addition, the bright colors such as orange, pink, yellow and pastel colors will emit light reflection so that your skin will look more aura and glow.

# 3. Use trendy outfit of all time

It must be known that there are several types or models of women’s clothing in the world that the user never cracked by time or date. By using these clothes whenever you want, it will not give the impression of parents on your appearance.

Of course this can be utilized to always look young. One model clothes that you can wear is denim.

Denim is one style of dress that is always interesting and look trendy all the time.

# 4. minimize motif

The use of patterned garments that initially aimed to follow the style that was happening would be something wrong if the motif used too crowded. If you want to use patterned clothes, then choose the printing motif is small, not too big and simple. Or for example, if you want to wear a patterned dress, then you can combine them with a plain blazer brightly colored to offset the existing motif on your dress so it will look much more fresh and interesting to watch.

# 5. Customize the shape of the body

Customizing the whole item of clothing that you use with body shape and size is something that should never be forgotten. Choose clothes that fit, not too loose or tight shape your body. And for pants, you should also avoid pieces that are too loose.

Skinny jeans can be a mainstay pants to look younger because of the size and type can form the legs become more attractive and sleek. By doing so, the appearance also will look ideal and proportionate. Customize Clothes with physique.

# 6. dressed casually

Using formal clothing such as a shirt feels quite at the office or official activities only. For everyday activities are free and relaxed, as relaxed in style and simple as possible.

Simply use a t-shirt, jacket and jeans in the style of a young child when traveling, you will definitely feel much younger and also good of course. Casual wear can also disguise a view of how after you now.

# 7. Use a bag and shoes appropriate

As a supporter of the interface to a younger, bags and shoes also need to be chosen appropriately wherever you go. Choose colors and designs that are the current trends. Additionally, make sure that the shoes and bags are matched with the clothes you wear and the activities you will do so the appearance will look much more attractive and avoid the impression of old.

The use of casual bags and shoes can also describe a young soul on your appearance.

# 8. Games make up

It is no less important than appearance to look younger is makeup. Do not dress flashy and overdone especially using dark colors like brown that make the face look older.

Using a BB cream or powder, lipstick were thin, lip gloss, eye liner and a touch of blush is enough to show the appearance of fresh and fresh every time. Do not forget to choose shades of light that make up the aura of a younger looking face will always shine.

# 9. Avoid excessive accessories

The use of accessories can certainly be more interesting supporting performances. However, the use of accessories that are too excessive and collide with one another will make it look old and not attractive at all.

Instead, choose a size and simple accessories inconspicuous so as to keep giving the impression of elegance and still support the appearance. You also just use one or two items simultaneously and only as needed. Do not use big accessories and glitter or bling-bling that can make you look old.

# 10. Experimenting with the trend

Trend fashion is always evolving and endless. For women who want to look younger, following the fashion trend is an obligation. But keep in mind that you have to be careful in your selection. If the clothes are used is not right for you, it will make your appearance to be look strange and unsightly.

But if you can get around and adapt them to the right, then you will look much younger. Dressed in accordance with the latest fashion trends, of course, nothing will be able to guess how old are you now.

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