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Dress for your shape and size

26/11/2018 | General Article | No Comments

Not everyone is capable of dressing up in the way their body wants them to be. They get dressed up blindly just keeping in mind the look of the dress and not their own shape and size. If people know how much it is important to get dressed up according to their shape and size, they would be able to look many times more beautiful.

Here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind to rock your street fashion;

Flatter your curves

There are girls who like hiding their curves and do not dress in a way to flatter their curves. While flattering your curves you get to embrace your own body by your favorite outfits. So, while dressing up make sure that you do not take your curves for granted. See How models wearing on Ownthelook Instagram

Balance top with the bottom

Balancing your outfits is …