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Are you among those young souls who are new to fashion industry or are you among those who never found time to actually know what the fashion trends are and how dressing up according to the latest fashion trends can change your view towards life and also change people’s perspectives towards you?

Are you eager to learn about the fashion style and tips? If yes than you don’t need to browse any random websites because we have compiled a list of five newbie fashion tips which will help you to know about the fashion style and prevent you from making mistakes. Following these tips will make you confident and you will yearn to explore more of the fashion industry.

  1. How to wear shirts and blazers:
  • Firstly you should always wear a well fitted shirt. A proper fitted shirt is one that touches your body without squeezing it. You should get your clothes tailored according to your own body size, tight fitting or loose fitting will make you look sloppy. The same fitting rule goes for your sports jacket and blazers too.
  • Secondly the length of the blazer/jacket you are wearing should be such that it lies a little below your waist line and make sure that the shoulder line of your jacket matches with your shoulder line.
  • You should never button the last button of your jacket, always go with buttoning up the middle button and whenever you sit unbutton your jacket. If you are wearing a dress shirt than make sure it is long enough to be tucked in.
  1. How to wear pants:
  • Firstly find out the exact size of your dress pants by measuring your waist.
  • Secondly opt for dark colored jeans as they look dressier and can pair up with maximum of your outfits.
  • Wearing pants with more than one fold will make you look outdated. Go with no or just singe fold.
  1. Use of accessories:

Use of accessories make you look more stylish. They can be anything from a tie to a watch. The important thing to keep in mind while wearing accessories is that they should complement your outfit. Like always match your belt with your shoes. If you are wearing both a tie and a pocket square they should not match.

Wearing three accessories are enough. Don’t over accessorize

  1. How to choose colors:

This can be a bit tricky. You have to find colors that compliment your skin not the colors that you like. To stay on the safe side use neutral colors as a starter they pair up with maximum of the colors and look good. These colors include white, black, grey, khaki, beige and navy blue.

For a more elegant look use more subtle colors that lie closely to each other on a color spectrum

  1. Shoes:

Stop wearing square tips. Opt for round toe shoes or pointed tips as they look more stylish. Wingtip shoes are the most versatile option they go with maximum of your outfits.

Invest in buying some good quality shoes they will last for a long time.

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