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All women were certainly pretty, either skinny or fat. All body shapes will look beautiful and captivating also depends as to what we are looking. Choose clothing that fits your body shape before you drop an option. Know thyself before starting self-deprecating caused fashion sense does not match the shape of your body.

One of the advantages of having a thin body is the ease of wearing clothes with many models and variations. You do not have to bother looking for a larger size to target your clothes, especially if the clothes you were after apparently only had one size or all size. For you who were thin, it is not an issue. And if you have an issue about cost for fashion, you can get tips to get loans easily in

Ease choosing clothes is one being ideal for the ladies, do not be surprised if many women are willing to strict diet to get thin body. But behind it all, sometimes women who were thin also felt a bit insecure. A thin body looks sensual and would not look sexy while wearing clothes that press body though.

Expand to read reference tips women’s fashion in accordance with the body shape so that you avoid any fashion that will make you fall in the eyes of others due to your appearance. You can memeproleh many references by searching on the Internet or in fashion magazines. To that end, here are some tips fashion women according to body shape.

Women are obese and tall

There are various kinds of women’s fashion tips adjusted to body shape, for women who have a high body fat and also should choose a dress that has a dark color with a pattern of small flowers and also the line. Avoid to choose clothes that expands on the sleeves and waist, because it will further give the impression of your body are severely obese.

Women are obese and short

For women are obese and also short, it is time for you to look attractive by choosing clothes with dark colors and motifs of small flowers. Clothes motif with vertical stripes are also charming for you to use in your body is short, which will show the impression of a much higher body. Avoid clothing with sleeves that expands because it will make you seem more stocky body.

Woman was thin and tall

Tall thin body and also like a photo model will be easier to determine the size of clothes for herself. Almost all the clothes in the market would have the same size as him. But sometimes, thin bodies will look unattractive if we are wrong to select the hue and increasingly displaying baked thin impression. For women skinny and too high should choose a dress with a large pattern, for example flowers with a large size to show the impression of body fat. Avoid tight clothes to choose because it will further reveal his thin body.

Woman was thin and short

Women lean and too short should choose a dress with a bright color with a pattern of flowers and polka-dot larger. If you are happy with a striped pattern, then choose vertical stripes that will give your body the impression of a rather high. To beautify and improve the appearance, you can wear the high heels that will help to increase the level of personal impression and also more mature.

Those are some fashion tips women according to body shape. May be useful!

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