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Friday Fashion Fair and Macys on State street supplied it’s shoppers a new counter. And nowadays, most multinational beauty conglomerates are not only targeting Black clients, but they also carry their own excellent match” foundation lines, which contains press, liquid, mineral, sunblock, vitamin-enhanced and waterproof. Attracting visitors from all over the world, it has become a Mecca for fashion designers, costumiers, models, trend-spotters, vintage fans and fashion students. If fashion fair would take their line in this direction, they would definitely begin to flourish and I would certainly support.

To get the word out, Fashion Fair is taking a step beyond its standard marketing on the pages of its parent company’s Ebony and the now digital-only Jet magazines. I utilised to adore wearing Fashion Fair back in the day but they often had a dilemma of possessing their products in stock and restricted sources of where to get it. I utilized to enjoy the present bag promotions they had.

In early 2014, Fashion Fair announced that Tia Dantzler, one more makeup artist with a celebrated clientele, would take on the role of inventive director. Visited by several at the fore-front of style, the fair has some thing for everybody regardless of whether the budget is large or tiny. I like the packaging very fancy, and I must say the foundation is Very light compared to the other folks I have.

At the finish of the day, it’s up to you to determine whether or not the FDA-allowable levels of lead in lipstick are acceptable to you or not. That summer season, a group of beauty bloggers and journalists have been invited to Fashion Fair’s Chicago headquarters for an unveiling of new goods and packaging. It is not identified if the Ebony Fashion Fair will ever grace a catwalk again, but Johnson Rice did tease at the possibility. I did however acquire a Cinnamon Crush lipstick a handful of years back and the pink casing was now brown. Tuh, I was like, Wait, support the annual fair they have at Essence..?” Lol smh.

So, if you are trying a foundation or concealer, never judge by how it appears when you place it on. Wait half an hour, then take a great look at your face in a very good light (and, if your eyesight isn’t what it was, use a magnifying mirror!). It was often a point of pride that Fashion Fair was a department shop brand, rather than a drugstore a single.

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