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Dress for your shape and size

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Not everyone is capable of dressing up in the way their body wants them to be. They get dressed up blindly just keeping in mind the look of the dress and not their own shape and size. If people know how much it is important to get dressed up according to their shape and size, they would be able to look many times more beautiful.

Here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind to rock your street fashion;

Flatter your curves

There are girls who like hiding their curves and do not dress in a way to flatter their curves. While flattering your curves you get to embrace your own body by your favorite outfits. So, while dressing up make sure that you do not take your curves for granted. See How models wearing on Ownthelook Instagram

Balance top with the bottom

Balancing your outfits is much of a task. If you do not pay attention to all of your body parts while dressing up, you can end up losing the charm of your outfit. If you are wearing a nice top but the bottom is not so well, you will not be able to ace the look as there will be no synchronizing between the two.

Keep in consideration your waist

Your waist is what can make you look beautiful and ugly at the same time. If you do not pay attention to it, t can make your whole outfit, style and dressing go in vain. You need to keep in mind your waist whenever you buy clothes. Too loose-fitting clothes can make you look fat while the too tighter ones can make you look awkward as well. Find out Own The Look reviews good or bad.

Beauty bone is a gift

If you have a beautiful beauty bone, you must wear clothes and tops which make it more prominent and more pleasing to the eyes. This is not that difficult. For that, you can wear slightly lose necks which will reveal your beauty bone and make you look even prettier.

V neck tops and shirts

If you think that you have a good body shape, you better wear v neck tops to embrace your body and size.

Dress to look best

The dress is something that helps people in getting your first impression. If this is good, they will find it more pleasing to talk to you which can make so many things work for you. So, make sure that you choose your clothes after thinking properly.

Choose clothes while keeping in mind your size

Too bulky

If you have a bulky body, you should better wear clothes that make you look slim like loose fitting clothes. This is because if you wear tighter clothes even after having the bulky body, you will not look that good.

Too slim

Slim people are advised not to wear too loose clothes or else they will eel-like hanging in their own clothes.

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