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There are three main types of zippers that you can get From Zipper Shipper. We have the zipper by the yard, invisible zippers, and the antique brass zippers. When placing your orders it is important that you specify what type of zipper you want. In addition, the zippers are also classified as per material used to make them.  You may also classify the zippers according to gauge, uses, and color as well. With the quality zipper shipper options, you will get exactly what you are looking for. Their mission is to ensure the clients get what they require and they understand in order to get loyal clients, they have to provide them with what they need.

Most clients especially the wholesale clients who buy in bulk prefer the chain by yard zippers. This is mainly because they are customizable and relatively cheaper too. You can read reviews found online at zippers by the yard available at for more information.  You will also learn that companies and fashion line entrepreneurs also prefer chain by yard because in most cases they deal with upholstery zippers whose length is longer than usual.

Other supplies from Zipper Shipper

  • Buttons, closures, fasteners and adjusters
  • Zipper bottom stops
  • Zipper sliders and pulls
  • Monogrammed blazer buttons

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