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Going to the office while you are pregnant is not a small deal to handle. There are a lot of things that the pregnant women have to go through. they have to look after their home, their baby and their office work too. deciding what to wear in such a chaos is another big burden on the head of the pregnant ladies. This is why we are here to present an easy dress code for the pregnant women so that they do not have to struggle to get dressed up every day.

Maternity work clothes

Women’s bags and clothes are a big deal for them. they want to look perfect no matter what the condition is. Some people might think that looking perfect while you are pregnant might be difficult but here, we are to help you in looking as stylish as ever whilst being pregnant.

Select versatile pieces

Selection is the most complex task. Deciding what to wear and what not is stressing too. so, for that, you can select something that is versatile enough to let you carry your pregnant look in the best way. for that, you can use maxi dresses.

Peplum maxi wrap up

 peplum maxi will help you in hiding your baby bump to some extent too. if you do not want so many people to know about your pregnancy or if you want to wear something fit and fine, a maxi can be your choice. It helps you to gain the looks you are in the awe of.

Double button maxi

There are a lot of maxi styles and a huge range of them is available on the ownthelooks app online store. So, you can choose one of them for your pregnant looks and look as awesome as your mother feels are.

Structured blazers

Own the looks in the UK by wearing the best blazers from the online store of ownthelooks fashion. They have the best variety of blazers and jackets which will help you in carrying your pregnant look in the best way.

Black Maxi

Black is the best colour anyone would ever ask for. It is the most favouritecolour for a lot of people too. wearing maxi dresses in black colour will do more good to you as they will help you in getting the pregnant lady care you deserve.

Red sleeves maxi

Do you have to go to a party? Wear red. Not just that it will help you in gaining the party looks but will also go with the pregnant look as well. it will surely make the mother to be as beautiful as ever.

Maxi sheath dress

Maxi sheath dresses are composed and for composed looks, you should go with them If you are in your early pregnancy stages.

Ownthelooks UK

Ownthelooks UK store is offering dresses for pregnant ladies as well. now you can choose from their wide range the dresses that would go with your mother to look.

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