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At one time, everyone is a child who fights to pick out his or her own clothes. Sometimes those outfits consist of pink stripes and orange polka-dots matched together. Starting from around the age of two, we battle for our individuality, which is apparent when we want to choose our own clothing. Showing your personality through DIY shirts is one way to show your personality as an adult. Here are a few ways you can make your own shirt.

DIY T-Shirt

Use an Online Design Studio

An online design studio gives you many options for designing your own shirt. You can choose the shirt color and decide whether you want to have a design on the front, back or both. You can add clipart, text, pictures, or individual artwork. This is also a great option if you want to create an individual team logo and need multiple copies of a shirt design. You can get quick turnaround for your school, company or church.

Sew Your Own T-Shirt

Find your local fabric store and choose some fabric. You can make a unique shirt if you know how to sew and follow a pattern. Not only can you be creative with your custom shirt, but it can be designed to give you the perfect fit. There is always the option to embellish your shirt with rhinestones, iron-on appliqués, or other unique details.

Rubber bands and Dye

Of course, there is always the option to tie dye a shirt. There are quite a few methods to getting a tie dyed shirt. If you use a colored shirt, you can apply a stencil and spray with a bottle of bleach to create an amazing and wearable work of art. There is always the traditional tie dye created with rubber bands and a bottle of dye. Experiment and you are sure to come up with a neat design.

5-minute T-shirt Vest

If you are not someone who enjoys sewing with a needle and thread, then you might like the idea of a no-sew project. A cute and easy suggestion is to create a t-shirt vest with an extra-large t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Get creative and show your individuality with distinctive color choices and embellishments. Not only will you end up with your own individual style, but you will save money doing it!

Hopefully one or two of these ideas will spark creativity and inspire you to share your individuality by creating your own t-shirt.

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