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Make-up: A Powerful Tool

21/12/2016 | General Article | No Comments

Do you want to enhance your natural assets? Increase your self-confidence? Learn to develop a new form of self-expression? Look no further than your own make-up bag!

Make-up styles are as varied as the people who wear them. Tools used for make-up application have even more variety. However, no matter how different application techniques may be, there are some steadfast truths about the power of make-up.

Enhance Your Uniqueness

Do you think that your eyes are dazzling or that your cheekbones are perfectly shaped? Perhaps you smile when you see your heart-shaped face. One of make-up’s powers is to intensify our physical gifts. It highlights our best features helping us to feel comfortable in our own skin. That’s always a plus!

Increase Your Self-Confidence

Okay, let’s be honest, we can’t always avoid staying up late and we skimp on our beauty rest. The effects show up the next morning with unwanted dark circles. Nothing to worry about, apply some good quality concealer and now focus on enhancing the features that you take pride in, like gorgeous, long eyelashes or beautifully shaped eyebrows. One of make-ups strengths is correcting our blemishes while enhancing our natural assets. Feeling good on the outside has a direct effect on how good we feel on the inside. More mascara? Yes, please!

Intensify Your Self-Expression

Make-up can be used to express how we feel. Feeling romantic? Try a little pink blush, mascara, and a glossy lip. How about the days that you want to feel classically chic? Mascara and a red lipstick can define your style as intensely as the clothes that you wear. By using make-up and a little creativity, you can tell the world who you are and what you feel without opening your mouth. Now that’s a powerful type of communication.

Boost Your Mood

Make-up can be one of many ways that we practice self-care. We all have those difficult days, but taking the time to put on a little make-up can actually improve your mood. It’s about spending time on yourself and valuing your own beauty. When you care about yourself enough to enhance your unique features, you give yourself the jump-start that you need to face the day feeling beautiful.

Make-up is a powerful tool that is used to enhance our sense of self. From novices who are experimenting with make-up in their bathroom mirrors, to cosmetology students at prestigious cosmetology schools like the Academy of Hair Design (, we all understand the magic that make-up has to transform us, strengthen us, and help us put our best face forward.

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