Planning for your next adventure outing? Make sure you carry these 10 things with you.

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Adventure outings are fun, and these are the things that get you to ease out and enjoy yourself to the fullest. These things give you an adrenaline surge and this gives you a kick out of it which pushes you to repeat those set of things to get that kick again. These trips not only contain camping but also, they have fun activities like mountain climbing, paragliding, rafting, trekking etc. Not just these there are also activities like bonfire, music and gatherings which push the social animal inside of us to participate and enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

Planning an adventure trip is not a tough job but executing it perfectly is a very tough job because that includes many things which is another discussion but on a personal level also execution of an adventure trip is a tough job and that is not a very light statement because people who have had experience of adventure trips tend to make mistake while planning on going on an adventure trip. The toughest part is the packing for such trips because these are the trips which require knowledge about how and what you should pack. It is not just as guy say that you pack t shirts for men along with some denims and head out. This is not that sort of a trip where you can buy things when you require because you may not get things there.

When even experienced travellers miss things for such type of trips then you should pack more carefully and make a list and check out the things you have packed. Whenever you are planning to take an adventure trip always remember to take these 10 things along with you which would help you to at times survive in those conditions:

  • A good quality knife. This is the most important thing that you should always have with you and you will never be able to guess when you might need a knife. Some say that it is better to keep a swiss knife because that has may other things along with it and I do agree to that but nit entirely and you should keep a swizz knife, but you should also keep a good quality regular knife.
  • First aid is necessary. Well that can be regarded as an understatement because it is not necessary, it is a must thing to keep because you won’t have a doctor with you there with all the equipment to cater to the needs of the situation that may arise anytime.
  • Always pack extra clothes than you think will be necessary and always pack t shirts because they take up less space and light weighed thus easier to carry and also easily replaceable in your wardrobe if damaged during the trip.
  • Duct tape is a very essential thing that you need to bring along with you and you just can’t imagine the extent to which it will come into use.
  • Water purification kit is also necessary as you may get a river of fresh water and you may not and then you may require purifying the water before you drink that otherwise you may book a direct ticket from trip to hospital.
  • Lighter or match boxes are required to light an instant fire.
  • Always keep sources of instant lighting with you and it is better to have LED lights as they last longer on the same battery source than regular bulbs. Always keep extra batteries.
  • Waterproof covering for you phone is necessary because you are not going to leave that thing behind you before going on a trip.
  • Raincoat is required because you never know when it might rain.
  • Sunblock and mosquito repellent are also important things that you should not forget.

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