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5 Great Red Ombre Hairstyles

When choosing a colour for your hair in order to switch up things for a bit, few other colours offer great and gorgeous choices like the family of red colour shades. You can choose from ruby, cherry, blood, scarlet to burgundy. Going even beyond just red colour, by having red ombre hair, can add a powerful flair to your looks, with a bold, classy and sophisticated signature. A combination of this powerful and strong colour with the ombre style works out quite well for many women regardless of their skin complexion. Let us take a look at some great red ombre hair ideas.

Blunt cut with multi-red ombre

Instead of going for edgy angled cuts, this style relies on the simplicity and classic look of the blunt look, Adding a choppy look can add some flair. Get darker shades near the root, with gradually moving to lighter ones towards the end. An example would be burgundy as the darker shade, with honey or caramel brownish red colour towards the tips styled in an ombre fashion.

Ombre redhead

This is a twist on the classic redhead look. For this look, you can have long hair with some uneven layered cut, and you may choose to go for curls to add volume and texture. The key to the look is to have different shades of whatever colour you are choosing. Start with the darker version at the root, which will look almost completely dark, and move towards the tips with a lighter shade of the same colour. You will need a good stylist with the appropriate shades on hand. At the tips, you can go as light as you are comfortable with, you can even bleach the tips for completely blonde tips.

Cherry Cola

This is an interesting look. This will work well on medium to long hair with curls which can mix up streaks of hair. Colour your hair with either very deep red or just black. Then add in streaks of cherry coloured streaks. You can even have different streaks of cherry and other red fruity shades to add some depth to the style.

Red tips

This is a slight modification of the common simple hairstyles. If you have long, dark hair with no hair colour in your current hairstyle, you can easily incorporate this into your current style This will also work with blonde hair, but it will be quite a loud style with blonde hair, as opposed to much more muted on dark or brown hair. In this style, just the tips are coloured some shade of red which gradually fades in. If you have darker hair and want a louder implementation of this style, go for a lighter colour.

Orange and red

The combo of orange and red ombre hair can work pretty well, though this is quite a loud style, and has to be done right. The orange will be naturally lighter, so keep that shade in the half of the hair towards the tips, while keeping the roots in some dark red shade like burgundy.

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