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Makeup artist Amelia Washington applies makeup to a customer at the Fashion Fair cosmetics counter at the Carson’s shop in the North Riverside Park Mall. I am a Chicago life-style blogger, deal chaser, thrift shopper, DIY chick, fashion forward fat girl & most importantly content in the skin I’m in!!!!!!!!!! There are also plans to boost Style Fair’s presence in Europe and Africa, Hilliard mentioned, noting that international sales from areas including retailers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Botswana, France and Tanzania make up about 15 percent of the brand’s business. I simply wanted to sample a foundation stick but the makeup artist insisted on carrying out much more so I had time and let him. Now 41 and nonetheless living in Brooklyn, Smith has been making use of Fashion Fair products for 15 years.

You have some truly great goods for individuals to try and I have in reality used Laura Mercier foundation primer. An further tip is to distract folks from your eyes, so go easy on the liner/mascara and instead use a good bold lipstick (even much more distracting on males!). I will be more cautious now, when I get my red color lipstick…and I do put on red….which appears to be the one particular that is impacted.

In the course of the busiest time of the Christmas period, between 23rd-24th December, the mall remains open around the clock for the convenience of all these final-minute Christmas shoppers. Apply the foundation to your face as standard (men, this signifies a small bit all over, correct up to the hairline, blended down your neck and onto/behind your ears this goes for some girls also).

In 1969, the Capsule Collection, a little make-up compact in mail-order package was designed by Eunice and her husband John H. Johnson Due to the high-demand of the compact, It led to the creation of the a complete cosmetic line named Fashion Fair Cosmetics following the style show in 1973. Dark Lipstick can be really sexy on a lady…particularly if you are African American…The dark purple & dark red can be extremely complimentary to chocolate skin tones!

Buy discount brands of concealer and foundation due to the fact you might locate you will need to experiment with a handful of distinct shades and distinct brands as each and every have their personal chemical reaction with your skin. This site also characteristics females of colour suggestions for makeup lines, if you are obtaining problems matching your foundation color. But they had nothing at all they told Smith they hadn’t had a delivery from Fashion Fair in almost a year.

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